About Null studio

Founded in 2002. and located in Croatia.
Null Studio offers full post production and production service of TV commercials, print-adds,
prototype modeling, multimedia presentations and product previsualization.
To accomplish our products, we take use of the whole three-dimensional computer generated (3D CG) production pipeline, involving modeling, visualization, character animation and special effects, with a great deal on photorealism.
Also we have great experience with prototype modeling and visualization together with Null studio name comes from essential element in 3d graphics and it is null object. It is small vector that acts like connection to just any complex or simple relationship btw. 3d elements.


Emmy Award for "outstanding main title design"
Festo award for Brandoctor web design and Jazzarela, All woman jazz festival, 100 merit award for Osijecko beer, Silver on the horizon interactive awards Brandoctor site, Commended by Benchmarks for Brandoctor site

About Berislav Kovacic aka Bero Render

On June. 1979. Bero Render was born in Zagreb, Croatia and soon after deported in little town Kutina.
1987.- Computer geek was born with Commodore 64 legendary computer landed on my desk! What a days!
1990.- My first experience with 3D graphic started with cubes and other geometric shapes.
I have started exploring many 3d/2d applications Imagine, Cinema4D, Real3d, Deluxe paint and Lightwave3d on Amiga computer.
1995. I have started my first freelancing job for local TV station in multimedia department.
1997.-Soon as i finished high school i went on college to study Computer graphic and design.
While my friends was enjoying student days and having fun with girls i have continue my freelance jobs in one of computer magazines as graphic editor.
After that i have joined numerous studios and game development companies as freelancer where i have seriously expanded my knowledge with 3d applications, animation , character animation and postproduction editing.
My knowledge of applications expanded on anything that involved pixels and vectors from Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Pagemaker, After effects, Premiere, Macromedia Flash, Director, Modo, Dreamweaver, Lightwave 3d, Zbrush.
2002-present - one of big years for me. First i have graduated and most important i have started my own company "NULL STUDIO".
From 2002 till now my life have completely turned into focus of my company NULL STUDIO.





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