Show reel 2022

We were quiet for some time.... meant really busy. This video sums up some of our best creative work for the past 20 years. Enjoy!
Nar mobile spring

Colorfull commercial that captures all the joy and happiness of spring!
Love is in the air !

Client: Azerfon | Agency: Bruketa&Zinic | Creative director: Moe Minkara


Kraš express TVC

Recently done TVC for famous Kraš brand " Kraš express"
It was both fun and challenging project where we have done some great work on cute little train going around globe during night and day cycles.
As train run around globe it stops for refreshing snack of tasty Kraš products that helps him to continue travel with happy smile on face.

Client: Kraš | Agency: Grey group
Production: Null Studio I Zanimacije I Planet B

Nar mobile Whole world

One of exciting projects recently done was TVC for Nar mobile.
Goal of project was to show off Nar mobile 3g+ technology and what it can offer to their customers. Production of commercial was very limited in time so everything from shooting,post production and air took less than 20 days.
Main problem we had was bad weather on shooting locations so our post production department had lot of work to recreate and rebuild bad shoots in 3D to accomplish final look.

Client: Azerfon | Agency: Bruketa&Zinic | Creative director: Moe Minkara




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